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JUNE 15, 2016 - "The Sharpest Knife" VIDEO

The 5th video for the new album is for "The Sharpest Knife" written in collaboration with Hauschka.  The gorgeous video was shot and directed by Julie Calbert & Christina Vantzou and features the lovely Stefanie De Regel.   Click below to watch the Clash Magazine premiere!



Directed by Solenn Le Marchand and created by Alberto Stevanato and FrameByFrame Studio.  Part 2 in the story started with "Sorrow into Stone" video.  Premiering today at Ondarock.



Last night i met one of my biggest heroes.  Kevin Drew’s art was part of the show so maybe that’s why she was there.   When our mutual friend Paul took my hand and said “come here, someone wants to meet you” and introduced her as “Leslie”, it took me a while to realize I’m talking to Leslie Feist and she is telling me she loves my voice and music.  

Having grown up in LA, I’m rarely starstruck but I was a pile of mush.  My music is the most important thing to me.  It’s all I’ve ever wanted to be.  But, since I’ve never been able to fully support myself making music, I’ve spent a lot of time and energy trying to find work that is still creative and something I can enjoy doing.  I was a Massage Therapist for 18 years, a color and design consultant for 5, I made healthy food for a while, and now I’m diving further into my love of houses and architecture.   But it’s always for the music.  

The music is my baby that I work so very hard for.  I used to think that one day, my baby would grow up and take care of me but I’ve accepted that’s not happening.  Instead, my kid continues to be a kid and I continue to provide, giving all it needs and leaning on the community around me for support which I have received tons of (THANK YOU).  I have accepted my fate and I will always make music for the simple reason that I really need to do it to be happy.  I love playing live and I am grateful for each and every show.   

I shared this with Feist last night and she gave me the most amazing response.  She told me that in all the years of playing music, she’s met so many incredibly talented musicians who’s music is not their source of income.  “It’s really just a matter of luck, and you absolutely cannot ever think that your success is a measure of your talent because it’s NOT! your voice is so unique and beautiful and I can’t wait to listen to your new cd”.  She insisted on buying it even though I tried to give it to her for free.  

Talking to her, hearing what she said, was one of the greatest moments of my life and more valuable than any amount of money or fame.  To be validated by my hero, to have her hear my music, is one of the best gifts I have ever received and I know how rare, and I know how LUCKY I am that this happened to me.


I'll be performing at Flood Magazine Gallery on Saturday May 14 as part of a charity for CASA of Los Angeles!



Still reeling from the wonderful tour we had in Italy and just finally recovered from jet-lag and a stomach virus i got...eeek.   I wish I could thank each and every person who came out to the shows, it was truly an unforgettable tour.  Scott Mercado and Scott Leahy were an amazing band and the funnest guys to have along for the ride.  We did a lot of driving, laughing, eating, drinking coffee and we tried to do as much site seeing as possible between shows.  We were pretty lucky in that our shows in Rome & Florence were right in the center of town so we got to see all the beautiful things.  Venice was particularly special because our friends Grimoon (the folks who created the "sorrow into stone" and soon to be released "one in the morning" videos) organized the show and graced the stage with their beautiful music.  I got to meet the little dolls that were in the videos and I even got to take one home! (see the pic below)  Unfortunately, after the Venice show, very late at night it became clear that I got some sort of horrid stomach virus (which I finally just kicked).  I had 103+ fever and was throwing up all night which forced me to cancel the second show in Rome the following night (second to last show of the tour).  I recuperated for a day thanks to Alessandro Benvegnù who took such good care of me that I am convinced he must have two hearts.  We then continued on to the last show of the tour in Florence and though I was still ill, somehow we got through it and it was an amazing night.  We played in the very center of town right near the Duomo! it was nuts and unbelievably beautiful.  So much gratitude for the amazing team that helped make this all happen:  My manager Tim Husom, my booking agent Fabio De Marco of DNA Concerti, Carlo Garre & Laura Beschi of Ja.La Media Activities, and my Italian label IRMA Records, Solenn Le Marchand & Alberto Stevanato of Grimoon for the beautiful videos and the Venice show, Alessandro Benvegnù for saving me when I was at my most vulnerable.  AND, thanks to all the great venues that hosted my music and treated me and my band oh so well: Chris Bronson/FARGO, Ilaria Pennati & BIKO, Morena Andalò & Clandestino, Emanuele Minuz & Black Market/unplugged in Monti, Giulio Di Donna & Cellar Theory, Damiano donowitz & Solpalco/Bar Pino,  Michele Faliani & Ex-Cinema Aurora, Spazio Aereo, Michelle Davis & La Corte Di Zap.   I have a whole lot more love for Italy now and I didn't even think that was possible.  CLICK HERE FOR LOTS MORE TOUR PHOTOS.... xo sarA



I moved to Italy in 2001 with my band dēvics and it was a magical time in my life.  I made friends that are still close and had so many incredible adventures.  I kept an apartment in Faenza for 6 years and recorded 2 Dēvics albums in the beautiful Italian countryside.   As I get older and tour less, I am so very grateful for each and every chance I get to sing live for people who want to listen.  My heart is exploding with gratitude. I cannot wait to come sing in Italy and share the most inner part of myself with you.  Joining me onstage will be Scott Mercado (who you know from many previous tours) and Scott Leahy (who I wrote 3 songs with on the new album), I couldn't be in better company! Thank you for all the support, it is everything to me.  Thank you to my Italian label IRMA, Fabio at DNA Concerti, Tim Husom at Spectrevision, Carlo & Laura at Jala Media Activities, for making this little tour happen.  Stay tuned for a few more dates and please share this with your friends in Italy!
ps... i heard a rumor we might play a dēvics song or two...😍

FEBRUARY 8, 2016

Here's an update for you fine people! There are a few videos in the works, one for "The Sharpest Knife" directed by Christina Vantzou, another for "Diamond of the Truest Kind" directed by Noah Webb and a third for "One in the Morning" directed by Solenn LeMarchand of FrameByFrame Studio which is part 2 of the stop-motion video they did for "Sorrow into Stone".  The new video will continue the story!  In other news, a Spring tour in Italy is in the works as well as a collaboration with Orchestrator Bill Smith that I hope will result in performing my songs live with an orchestra!  I wish I was in a position to do more regular touring as playing live is one of the greatest pleasures I know, so thank you to those who have asked.... I cannot afford to tour much.  Here is the "Sorrow into Stone" video if you haven't seen it yet:









DECEMBER 18, 2015

So excited to announce the release of my new video for "Sorrow into Stone"! Beautiful stop motion video created by the incredible folks at FrameByFrame Studio in Italy.  It's premiere is today on Italy's Rockerilla Magazine.  Follow the link below and enjoy...


OCTOBER 22, 2015

KCRW has the full stream of "Some Kind of Champion" a week before the album comes out! have a listen...


OCTOBER 21, 2015

New video premiere for the song "Trains" today on popMATTERS  


SEPTEMBER 14, 2015

Song premiere & write-up today on Consequence of Sound for "The Sharpest Knife" which I wrote with Hauschka. 



AUGUST 18, 2015

Great write up and song premiere for "One In The Morning" now on GoldFlakePaint!


JUNE 11, 2015

Thank you Buzzbands LA for the great post! (click image to full site)


JUNE 5, 2015

BBC6 Radio and Magnet Magazine have just posted Free downloads of my new songs "Sunmore" and "Some Kind of Champion" grab them below!

MAY 2015

Welcome to my new website!

The mixes are all done and I'm now in the mastering phase.  This is the last step before the album is finished.  The official release date will be some time in Late July or August BUT, if you preorder the album on my pledgemusic.com/saralov you will get it in May! I am trying to raise enough money to print vinyl for you guys so hopefully I'll get there! Meanwhile, I am so very grateful for all of your support in making this album a reality.

If you want to get behind this album, go to pledgemusic.com/saralov more news soon!  thank you!

* HUGE thanks to Radiant Human for all the beautiful website photos.




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Born in Hawaii and raised in both Southern California and Israel, singer/songwriter Sara Lov started playing music alongside pianist Dustin O'Halloran when they formed the dream pop duo Devics in 1993.  The group later moved to Italy and signed with Bella Union, a U.K.-based record label run by Cocteau Twins' Simon Raymonde. Devics released 5 full length albums, several ep's and toured extensively. In 2008, Lov began a solo career and teamed with producer and collaborator Zac Rae (Death Cab for Cutie, Fiona Apple, My Brightest Diamond). Together they recorded 2 full length albums "Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming" in 2009 and "I Already Love You" (an album of cover songs) in 2011.  Lov spent a good part of 2009/2010 touring in Europe and the US.  Sara Lov & Zac Rae have just finished recording "Some Kind of Champion" an album of originals by Sara Lov and collaborators Dustin O'Halloran, Hauschka, Scott Leahy, Zac Rae & Jonathan Price.  The album is set for release October 30, 2015 and was funded by her fans via pledgemusic.

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"Some Kind of Champion"

by Sara Lov

1.  Some Kind Of Champion
2.  Diamond Of The Truest Kind
3.  One In The Morning
4.  The Sharpest Knife
5.  Rain Up
6.  Trains
7.  Sunmore
8.  Sorrow Into Stone
9.  Willow Of The Morning
10. The Dark

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a video by FrameByFrame studio directed by Solenn Le Marchand model making by Alberto Stevanato puppets dressing by Claudia Matarelli sets design and dressing by Elisa Bonandin stopmotion and drawings animation by Alberto Stevanato and Solenn Le Marchand drawings by Elisa Bonandin additional drawings by Daniel Son compositing and editing by Solenn Le Marchand.  "Sorrow into Stone" by Sara Lov (written by Sara Lov & Jonathan Price) from the new album "Some Kind of Champion"

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Gravity Tour


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